Hey corporate America! You're not fooling anyone!  


Attention corporate America who sent our jobs overseas, you're not fooling anyone! The other day I got a call from a solicitor. It was a guy with a VERY heavy Eastern Indian accent that asked to speak to the man of the house. Lying, I said that he wasn't in and was there a message. He said, "Tell him Scott called." "Scott from where?", I asked. "Scott from Texas.", he replied. Oh jeez, seriously?! "Scott from Texas" with a VERY heavy Eastern Indian accent. God, I know people think that Americans are dense, but give us some credit!! "Scott from fucking Texas" was the best you could do?! Then he closed with "Have a blessed day"! And if that weren't enough, now, they're having Eastern Indians call, but an American phone number shows up on the caller ID. WE'RE NOT THAT STUPID!!!! We know that the jobs are still overseas, and we know that "Scott from Texas" is really Havishnu from India. You're not fooling anyone! Give it up! You got your fucking tax breaks, the least you could do is pretend that we still have a brain. Telling Patel to say that his name is Chad from Arizona is not going to make us think, "Oh wow, Capital One has moved their customer service back to America.". We know better, and so should you. They're not fooling me, are they fooling you?

What next?

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