I just got back from voting, and today's vote was very special to me. I voted my conscience, and mostly Democrat. As of today, THAT STOPS! No longer will I feel duty bound to vote for you. I don't think any of us should. Any time I ask about your accomplishments, your answer is always something you've done 20+ years ago. What in the hell have you done for us lately?! I'm an older guy now, but I'm doing this for the younger generation. No longer will, "They're better than the Republicans." or "People died for you to have the right." suffice. These kids need results, not more chastising and promises! Yeah, people died for us to have the right to vote, but they didn't die and get arrested and beaten for us to be beholden to the Democratic party. Pardon my language, but kiss my ass with that!

Starting today, you Democrats are going to have to work long and hard for my vote. And God willing, I will do everything in my power to make others feel this way. You guys basically pissed away 40 years of credit and trust from the younger generation and the black community. It is now time to put some money on your debit cards. We are tapped out. My main message to the young people is this: Vote for who think will look out for your interests best, not who your parents and preachers think you should vote for. It's time to get rid of the sharecropper's mentality. We don't owe the Democrats a damn thing, and it's time that you young people and we black people became truly independent. If a Libertarian does it for you, then vote for him, and the same goes for any other party candidate, but as for the Democrats, we don't owe you, you owe us. No longer will treat young people and those in the black community like a 2 a.m. booty call. Only calling us when you want or need nothing. You've been warned.